Motivations & Goals

Accensus Training Ltd UK We  want to help our peers and colleagues in the translation & localization industry, support them, create meaningful relationships and help them grow.

Our strength lies in understanding both the training & learning world as well as the translation & localization industry and being able to combine the two in order to bring real value to our clients in terms of pushing their businesses forward.

Ethics & Approach

We don’t do the whole corporate thing; that’s not our vibe.

We are a friendly, down-to-earth group of international professionals who invest time in speaking to, understanding and sharing time with people we work with. We care about what we do and especially how we do it.

For us it’s about connections, real people, meaning and value. Our approach is inquisitive, friendly, engaging and supportive.

For clients our independent point-of-view, honest-talking approach and commitment to making a difference offer them so much more than a training company.

Training Style & Philosophy

Buzzing Training CoursesWe don’t do one-dimensional presentations in ties in front of Power Point slides broken up by the odd refreshment and a question from the audience.

Our training style is all about fun – we deliver high-impact, emotionally-charged, challenging, engaging, talkative, active, practical and people-centric training courses and workshops.

We expect people to be buzzing at the end of our courses, not zzzzzzzzzzzzzzing.

If it’s a fresh, up-beat, self-reflective and interactive training style you want, we are it.

People & Experts

Our people are made up of in-house experts and trainers as well as associates depending on skill-set and expertise.

We have created partnerships with many of the leading coaches, experts and niche consultants from within the translation & localization industry allowing us to offer clients a strong team able to deal with all needs.

All our team bring something unique to the table in terms of their professional expertise; we share the same drive, passion, creativity and desire to do business in a people-centric way.

UK & US Offices

Contact Accensus TrainingYou can contact one of our team either in the UK, London office (HQ) or in our USA, California office.

Our training takes place across the globe.

Call us on UK +44 20 7193 7567

USA +1 (714) 598-3193

Want more info?

If you have any questions about us, our training or how we do business, just get in touch!