Claim to Have Created One of the World’s Most Accurate Translation Devices

LeTrans, a start-up located Xiamen, China, has today announced the launch of a new translation device, also called LeTrans.

The translation device comes with features including 24 of the world’s most common languages, real-time translation and ergonomic design.

Rather bravely, LeTrans boasts to have achieved an accuracy ratio of 97% in their translations, although they temper the claim with the words, “depending on such things as the surrounding environment, connection strength, accent and tones, etc.”

So how have the Chinese translation start-up managed to do this?

We achieved this by establishing dedicated cloud servers which run our custom translation database, developing new algorithms for increased accuracy.

Felix Chen, founder of LeTrans, stated in their official press release.

LeTrans claims to be different because it does not rely on Smart device APPs. It is considered a  translation device in its own right, supporting WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G SIM integration for translation on the go, only needing their dedicated smart APP to change certain settings.

LeTrans is due to launch on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo today November 21, 2017

Who are LeTrans?

LeTrans is an up and coming start-up venture located in Xiamen China, which looks to establish their presence in the language translation industry. Their first product, The LeTrans translator, will look to solidify their presence in the Translation Technology Industry.

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