A common question we receive from clients who want to create online sales channels is whether digital content marketing is worth it?

Wait, what? Digital Content Marketing?

Digital Content Marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted online audiences.

In simple English it means writing content for specific audiences that is published on websites for those specific audiences.

Why do it? Well, those that do it say it helps with:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Generating sales leads
  • Expanding into new industries/sectors
  • Establishing company credibility
  • Building an online community

However, if anything digital marketing will boost your SEO – search engine optimization.

If you have a website you are trying to push up Google (or any other freely available search engine!) then digital marketing is a fantastic way of blasting your website to the next level.

How does digital marketing help your SEO?

Well, let’s look at a live example.

The Spanish translation agency, Big Translation, recently had a sponsored Editorial published on the website Marketing Week.

Their article, entitled “Make sure your global marketing isn’t lost in translation“, is a perfect example of how publishing content on good websites can help you improve your SEO.

If you visit the article you will notice the contents are nothing revolutionary. However, for Big Translation, their investment will see some sort of ROI simply down to the two links they have received back to their website.

You’ll see one link in the body of the text to the “translation service” page….

Big Translation Link Building

…as well as a link in the bio to their home page.

Home page link for big translation

The two links are priceless – well, SEO-wise anyway.

What these links do is help Google (and other search engines) associate the Big Translation domain and website with the terms “translation service”.

The fact that they are getting pointed to by a trusted website with specific keywords is taken as a sign of trust by search engines too. This is what is known as “link building”.

Link Building is a fundamental part of SEO and digital content marketing. Basically, the more links you can get to your website from other websites, the better.

But be careful – getting links from irrelevant or slightly spammy websites can get you in big trouble!

So, is digital content marketing worth it?

Well, it really comes down to your marketing strategy.

If your website is a key part of creating sales channels and bringing in business – then YES! It is 100% worth it…and it is relatively easy to achieve.

Looking for help to boost your SEO? We provide training courses on SEO for translation & localization agencies to help them get ahead of the competition.