Are you responsible for finding new resources for your LSP or translation agency?

Or might you be keeping an eye on future trends in terms of the demands for translations?

Either way, findings in a new report from the British Council make for some interesting reading.

‘Languages for the Future’, has just been released highlighting the strengths and (mainly) weaknesses of the British in terms of their linguistic skills.

Although the report focuses on education, business and cultural exchange, one section of the report highlights high-growth markets and their languages.

Based on evidence from the CBI/Ernst & Young (Winning Overseas), Goldman Sachs (Next 11) and Ernst & Young (25 high growth markets)…

  • Spanish,
  • Bengali,
  • Portuguese,
  • Mandarin,
  • Czech,
  • Arabic,
  • Indonesia/Malay,
  • Farsi and
  • Kazakh

…are seen as languages of the future in terms of the demand they will generate.

The report encourages businesses to look towards these languages and strategize on how use to language skills in their teams to help in winning deals, building relationships, overcoming cultural differences and cutting through confusion when working abroad.

Although UK-centric, this is true for all businesses, everywhere. If you want to be able to ‘go global’ you need language skills.

Businesses should be encouraged to invest in the development of the linguistic skills in their own organisations from which they will benefit directly.

So, as an LSP or agency, are you ready for the demand in new languages and do you have the right languages in-house to bring in new business from these high-growth markets?