SDL, a recognised leader in translation and localization services with its HQ in the UK, has just announced it has partnered with the Exporting Is GREAT – a campaign launched by the Department for International Trade (DIT) to inspire small and mid-market British companies to export and take advantage of the global economy.

According to the official press release, the partnership builds on an already existing relationship between SDL and DIT’s predecessors, UK Trade & and Investment (most commonly known as UKTI), who played a hand in the company’s growth. At present SDL boast 55 offices across 38 countries, run by 3,000 employees.

To help educate potential exporters, SDL have launched an online Market Reach Calculator which allows businesses to enter information about their potential export target countries, the content they might need to have translated and various other questions which assess their translation and/or localization needs.

The Calculator produces a report which shows a target audience overview, focusing on the percentage population that the business could be missing out on if they didn’t speak the customers’ local language, actions for maximizing efficiency or effectiveness against individual types of content, recommendations between human and machine translation and tips on content marketing. The full report is designed to help businesses create their own localization strategy in order to export.

We asked Bojan Ambrus, Head of Customer Acquisition at SDL, why they focused on the specific questions they did in the tool.

“… it’s quite simply the best way to show users what their international audience expects if their communications are to deliver results.”

SDL Report Screenshot



In the current digital environment, it is essential that businesses not only develop and maintain a strong international presence but connect with people on a personal, local level.

Rob Gorby, VP SMB, SDL.

Ambrus further explained that in addition to supporting the Exporting is GREAT campaign, the SDL small and mid-market business support team will work with the DIT’s regional team of advisors to provide additional support to ensure businesses understand how language and culture can play a major role in export success.

SDL will be allowing businesses access to a library of educational tools and content to help them make informed decisions on how to enter new markets.

An upcoming joint webinar  entitled Export myth busters: Are you speaking your customers’ language? will also focus on some of these points to ensure businesses speak their customers’ languages when exporting to new markets.

The partnership is a positive piece of news as it publicly cements the importance of the translation & localization industry in making the wheels of global business go round.

Congratulations to SDL!