Business Boosting Blogging

…a blog written with imagination, knowledge and purpose can launch your business into new horizons.

Our course teaches learners how to turn their company blog into a content-powerhouse, discovering tricks and techniques that will blast their business to the stars!
How to Blog Training Course


The training is a hands-on and practical workshop that has been designed specifically for people working in translation & localization to help them use their company blog to support company-wide goals such as sales, marketing, client retention and PR.

Business Blogging Training Course

This training course works within the context of the translation & localization industry, assisting learners in identifying where their blogs can make an impact and how to go about writing SEO-friendly, click-tastic and magnetic content that is distinct from the competition.

Course Overview

  • Who for:  Business Owners, Marketing, Business Development & Sales, PMs
  • Duration: 4-hr or 6-hr (workshop) or 2-hour (webinar)
  • Delivery: Workshop or Webinar
  • Style: Learning through doing backed up with real tips & tricks

Course Highlights

  • Blog strategy – goals, aims, values, stakeholders, translation/localization blogs
  • Blogging basics – structure, navigation, usability, promotion, investment
  • Writing a good blog – audience, SEO, titles, keywords, structure, linking, tone, text
  • Joined up thinking – sales, social media, client management, business development

Learning Points

  • Learn how to write blogs with impact that bring in fresh and frequent traffic
  • Evaluate translation & localization industry blogs and identify strengths & weaknesses
  • Recognise ways to use your blog to further company goals & objectives
  • Identify ways to measure success and analyse your blogging-ROI

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