Communication Skills for Business

…communication underpins our industry, requiring focus, flexibility and skills both with words and without.

Our course strengthens learners’ communication skills, improving their effectiveness  through the development of an empathetic, adaptable and perfectly balanced approach to business.
Communication for Translation Pros


The training gives professionals working within translation & localization the confidence to use different communication approaches to ensure clarity when dealing with colleagues, clients or vendors, promoting stronger relationships, opening up opportunities and creating happier environments.

Effective Communication Skills Training Course

This training course has been designed and developed for people working in the translation & localization industry. Helping them to improve their everyday communication skills; from learning to listen, asking the right questions and writing emails to negotiating, dealing with difficult people and being more assertive.

Employing a very hands-on approach that stresses self-critique and being challenged, this course will encourage learners to leave their comfort zones and explore the subtleties of language, communication and commitment within their roles.

Course Overview

  • Who for: PMs, Team-Leaders, Management, Sales, Vendors
  • Duration: 4-hr or 6-hr (workshop) or 2-hour (webinar)
  • Delivery: Workshop or Webinar
  • Style: Interactive, fun & challenging learning

Course Highlights

  • Communication –  types of communication, benefits and negatives, strengths of a good communicator, different communication channels and media
  • Empathy – listening, emotional intelligence, positive thinking, unconscious bias and personality differences
  • Confrontation – tough conversations, disagreements, dealing with confrontational clients & colleagues, handling complaints and customer service
  • Negotiation  – focusing on goals, being assertive, learning to guide a conversation, negotiation and persuasion techniques
  • Non-Verbal Communication – body language, listening skills, gender differences, confidence, managing emotions and written communication

Learning Points

  • Explore personal communication choices & styles and how others’ perceive them
  • Discover how communication works at all levels and its impact on business
  • Identify where adopting new communication techniques can lead to successful outcomes
  • Evaluate the different factors that can influence communication with clients & colleagues
  • Learn strategies and techniques to turn negatives into positives
  • Demonstrate ideas on how to improve emails, presentations, reports & appraisals

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