Cultural Awareness and Working Globally

…dealing with clients, vendors and colleagues from across the globe means being able to deal with difference.

Our course helps learners explore the skills, mind-set and knowledge needed to work successfully across different cultures, languages, time zones and more importantly, cups of tea.

Cross-Cultural Training


The training equips people working cross-culturally within the translation & localization industry with the understanding to recognise differences in how people think, work, talk, negotiate & do business and how this impacts their ability to sell, build relationships and communicate effectively with those that matter.


Cross Cultural Communication Training Course

This exclusive training course, written and designed only for the translation & localization industry, is relevant regardless of whether learners are interacting internationally on a face to face or virtual basis.

The course will engage participants with the challenges and impacts of cross cultural working, whilst also providing robust frameworks and tools on approaches to, tactics in and etiquette surrounding working and communicating across cultures set within the context of the language, translation and localization industry.

Course Overview

  • Who for? PMs, Vendor Managers, Management, Team Leaders, Sales, Vendors, HR, Business Owners
  • Duration: 4-hr or 6-hr (workshop) or 2-hour (webinar)
  • Delivery: Interactive Workshop or Webinar
  • Style: Experiential learning/group work/fun/self-reflection/empathy-building

Course Highlights

  • Understanding culture and its impacts on people and business
  • Examining how, where & why culture impacts on working relationships
  • Using cultural knowledge & skills to understand others and overcome bias
  • Adopting a global mind-set – flexibility & cultural intelligence
  • Leveraging cultural differences & diversity to drive business success

Learning Points

  • Explore how and why we do what we do or behave as we behave
  • Gain skills and knowledge to help maximise potential when working globally
  • Develop & deepen knowledge of specific culture(s) and its people
  • Identify areas for improvement in terms of identifying others’ drivers & motivations
  • Review techniques and action plans to help overcome challenges at work
  • Harness the mind-set needed to work cross-culturally with colleagues and clients

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