Delivering a Customer Experience

…CX is about learning to give your clients such a fantastically hot experience that they keep coming back for more!

Our course helps teams explore how they can focus on clients’ emotions and expectations in order to deliver a customer experience that gets tongues tingling.
CX journey mapping course


This highly-interactive and creative workshop is designed for people working in the translation & localization industry who want to create a distinct USP for their company through adopting a Customer Experience (CX) approach to business.


Customer Experience (CX) Training Course

Employing a team-building and collaborative training style, this unique and fun workshop gets learners thinking about how they impact clients emotionally and what they can do to give their services a real kick!

Course Overview

  • Who for: Anyone who works in translation/localization
  • Duration: 6-hr (workshop) or 2-hour (webinar)
  • Delivery: Workshop or Webinar
  • Style: Interactive, fun & ideas-fuelled learning

Course Highlights

  • Approaches, aims and goals of the CX philosophy
  • The role of emotions in creating a business with impact
  • Client profiling and understanding what makes people tick
  • Customer Journey Mapping – exploring customer pain points & opportunities
  • Common client challenges when dealing with the translation & localization industry
  • Practical tips and ideas on delivering a wow! customer experience

Learning Points

  • Explore how, where and why customers experience your brand/company/service
  • Discover the opportunities offered by focusing on the emotions of your customers
  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in delivering your ideal CX
  • Identify roles and responsibilities in working towards beating client expectations
  • Learn strategies and techniques to create meaningful business relationships
  • Demonstrate ideas on how to immediately make changes at work that can help CX

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