Encouraging Creativity & Innovation

…within an ever competitive marketplace, the need for innovative thinking is essential in creating a difference.

Our course helps learners release their inner creativity both as people and as teams, working with them to translate ideas into innovative ways of solving challenges and problems at work.
Creative thinking training

In an industry that seems to be changing faster than ever, problem-solving skills are crucial – but old school approaches are no longer enough.

The training helps professionals within the translation & localization industry explore creative problem solving, discovering how creativity and different ways of thinking can give you a competitive edge.

Creativity & Innovation Training Course

This unique, highly-interactive and hands-on course is designed for teams who want to explore areas such as business processes, marketing messages, company goals, customer experience, advertising and similar areas. The training is all about teasing out creativity and ideas from the team, giving it shape and letting people develop that into practical solutions to bring back to the workplace.

Course Overview

  • Who for? Everyone & anyone who works in translation/localization
  • Duration: 6-hour/4-hour 
  • Delivery: Interactive Face-to-Face Workshop 
  • Style: Very interactive with no or little presentations; experiential group learning using games, activities and problem solving activities. 

Course Highlights

  • Creative thinking and problem solving essentials
  • Leveraging personal and team thinking styles
  • Unleashing team creativity and adopting new-style thinking
  • Strategies for approaching problems in translation & localization
  • Translating creativity and ideas into practice
  • Communicating and ‘selling’ your ideas internally and to stakeholders

Learning Points

  • Explore the different ways to perceive & approach problems
  • Learn a structured approach to generating ideas and brainstorming
  • Develop ideas on how to implement and use innovation at work
  • Understand how to best evaluate ideas according to criteria
  • Discover how to work best with team members in identifying solutions
  • Realise the potential to change the translation & localization sector

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