Handling Customer Complaints

… it’s essential for businesses to extinguish complaints quickly & effectively demonstrating good customer care and improving on service.

Our course equips learners with the skills and strategies to put out fires fast coupled with an understanding of the benefits a complaints process can offer a business.
Dealing with Customer Complaints


This course will help translation & localization clients positively embrace complaints through the creation of effective policies and procedures. It will equip staff with the ability to transition even the most steaming-hot complaints into warm customer experiences which retain clients.

Handling Complaints Training Course

This practical and challenging course helps delegates turn unhappy customers into happy customers by giving them the tools and strategies to positively manage customer complaints as well as encouraging them to find their own unique solutions that best convey the company brand and values.

Course Overview

  • Who for? PMs, Management, Team Leaders, HR, Business Owners
  • Duration: 6-hour/4-hour (workshops) or 2-hour (webinars)
  • Delivery: Training Workshop or Webinar
  • Style: Interactive learning mixed with presentation

Course Highlights

  • General principles of complaint management as well as specifics in translation/localization
  • Team responsibilities and obligations for complaint management
  • Structuring effective complaint handling processes and strategies for team use
  • Risk analysis of potential complaints and development of contingency registers
  • Role of complaints in quality management and business improvement
  • Impact of social media in complaint communication and mitigation strategies

Learning Points

  • Dig into why complaints occur and broader business causes
  • Analyse client needs, expectations and emotions in relation to the industry
  • Learn tools and strategies to subsequently engage with the client
  • Employ complaint responses to influence business frameworks and innovations
  • Develop and structure an effective client response system
  • Manage social media complaints with tact and charm

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