Leadership & Management

…help your team take off and soar above and beyond through meaningful leadership and strong direction.

Our course elevates learners’ leadership skills and equips them with the management know-how to guide high-flying teams to success. 
Leadership in Localization



This training will help develop the skills needed to truly understand, motivate, manage, lead and navigate their  teams through the challenges and opportunities of the translation and localization industry.


Leadership & Management Training Course

Learners will gain an understanding of current leadership models using experiential exercises and critical scenarios. They will couple this understanding with an appreciation of their own preferred learning style and establish personal strategies to lead a winning team within the highly competitive translation and localization industry.

Course Overview

  • Who for? Management, Team Leaders and Business Owners
  • Duration: 6-hour/4-hour (workshops) or 2-hour (webinars)
  • Delivery: Training Workshop or Online Webinar
  • Style: Interactive learning mixed with presentation

Course Highlights

  • Personal leadership preferences and their impact on teams
  • Application of different leadership styles to models and case studies
  • Successful leadership behaviours and winning management habits
  • Leadership through different situations, pressures, contexts
  • Measurement of management success and leadership liabilities

Learning Points

  • Explore leadership within a translation and localization context
  • Identify and learn to apply different leadership techniques
  • Develop strategies to manage difficult staff or conversations
  • Evaluate approaches for leading through change and challenge
  • Learn management essentials and practical tips
  • Develop strategies for stakeholder engagement

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