Management for Beginners

…we help people take up a step up into management roles, advancing careers and retaining talent for our clients.

Our course teaches learners how to successfully manage a team as well as the necessary skills, mind-set and knowledge needed to demonstrate their ability to climb the company ladder.
Management Training for Newbies


The training is an engaging and practical workshop that has been designed specifically for people working in translation & localization to help them move up into management roles, equipping them with everything they need to know to lead, motivate and guide a team through the challenges and opportunities of our vibrant industry.

Management Training Course for Translation Professionals

This training has been written and developed within the context of the translation & localization industry, assisting learners through using industry-specific language, case studies and activities that consolidate learning and enhance the management related aspects of the course.

Course Overview

  • Who for:  Anyone moving into a management or team-leadership role
  • Duration: 4-hr or 6-hr (workshop) or 2-hour (webinar)
  • Delivery: In-house Workshop or Online Webinar
  • Style: Practical learning with some presentation

Course Highlights

  • Management essentials and leadership styles
  • Assessment of personal management skills and leadership abilities
  • Role of communication in aligning team goals and expectations
  • Solid techniques for organising and implementing  projects
  • Motivation in purposeful and productive teams

Learning Points

  • Learn how to use management as a means to business improvement
  • Evaluate personal and team strengths and needs in achieving company objectives
  • Recognise new means and ways of encouraging problem solving
  • Identify how to manage change during challenging times
  • Demonstrate awareness of the impact of managers on service and client experience

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