Mastering Marketing & PR

…in a noisy, crowded marketplace, shouting about your company in the right way is essential to being noticed.

Our course equips learners with the skills, techniques & tips to help them amplify the company voice through marketing & PR with purpose.

Marketing Course



The training teaches the fundamentals of digital & direct marketing alongside PR and external communications within the context of the translation & localization industry, supporting clients in creating messages that get them heard loud and clear across all media.

Marketing & PR Training Course

Our exclusive workshop, designed for professionals working in translation & localization companies, focuses on how you go about marketing your company, creating a brand and establishing your place within the industry.

A hands-on, fun and challenging workshop, the training is designed to ignite the imagination and translate ideas into practical marketing projects.

Course Overview

  • Who for?  Marketing, Sales, Business Owners, Account Managers
  • Duration: 4-hour / 6-hour (workshop) or 2-hour (webinar)
  • Delivery: Face-to-Face Workshop or Online Webinar
  • Style: Interactive, practical, group-learning backed with theory and case studies

Course Highlights

  • Marketing basics: theory, principles, translation/localization case studies, PR, tools
  • Channels: social media, digital, website, offline, exhibitions & events, press releases
  • Client behaviour: analysing verticals, profiling clients, expectations, needs, wants
  • Strategy: planning, goals, stakeholders, investment, research, ROI, monitoring, language

Learning Points

  • Identify what makes for a successful marketing strategy, campaign or investment
  • Explore translation & localization examples of successful marketing & PR
  • Evaluate strengths & weaknesses in your current marketing approach
  • Learn skills and discuss ideas to take your marketing to the next level
  • Present real and innovative ideas that can identify your brand as different

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