Adopting MT and CAT Tools

…machine translation and CAT tools are not the future, they are the now, demanding use by language professionals.

Our course gives learners an incisive overview of the current Machine Translation and CAT Tools marketplace as well as how best to adopt and adapt such tools to improve in-house workflows, processes & procedures. 
CAT tool training for translation agencies


The training equips those who are new to such tools with everything they need to know about how they work, the benefits they provide,  how they can positively impact quality and above all how they can help take a company to the next level in terms of being able to deal with the more challenging demands within translation & localization.

How to Use Machine Translation & CAT Tools Training Course

This training course has been designed and developed to help agencies and in-house translation teams learn how to embrace and use CAT tools, machine translation & post-editing to make their lives easier.

Employing a very hands-on approach, the course will get rid of all the confusion and help learners assess what tools are on the market, what could work for them and how.

Course Overview

  • Who for: PMs, Management, Sales, Vendors, Business Owners
  • Not suitable for: anyone who already uses CAT tools or MT – this is only for beginners
  • Duration: 4-hr or 6-hr (workshop) or 2-hour (webinar)
  • Delivery: Training Course or Webinar
  • Style: Interactive learning mixed with presentation

Course Highlights

  • Overview of how machine translation and CAT tools work
  • Review of major players within CAT tools software and strengths/weaknesses
  • Where and how MT & CAT tools are used within translation & localization workflows
  • SWOT analysis of adopting CAT tools, MT & automation in-house
  • How to adapt CAT tools to you & clients’ needs to create real value

Learning Points

  • Learn how MT and CAT tools work at a linguistic, computing and AI level
  • Evaluate the brands, names, tools, software and trends within CAT & MT
  • Recognise how CAT tools can be used within your own team/company
  • Identify how to ‘sell’ CAT tools, MT & post-editing services internally and to clients
  • Plan how to translate new insights into practical changes that will boost business

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