Precision Project Management

…perfecting your project management is all about perception, planning, timing, focus and consistency.

Our course teaches learners how to plan and deliver projects precisely, exploring techniques and ideas that will thrust your business sky-high.Project Management Training for Translation Industry


The training is guaranteed to give professionals working in translation & localization a real lift in their ability to own, manage and lead on company-critical projects ensuring the company’s productivity really takes off.

Project Management Training Course

This unique and original training course works within the context of the translation & localization industry, blending project management theory and best practice with practical application not only to typical translation/localization service workflows, but also to projects generally, whether marketing, finance, HR or business development related.

Course Overview

  • Who for? PMs, Management, Team Leaders, Sales, HR, Business Owners
  • Duration: 6-hour/4-hour (workshops) or 2-hour (webinars)
  • Delivery: In-house Training Workshop or Online Webinar
  • Style: Interactive & practical learning mixed with presentation

Course Highlights

  • Project navigation – process management, systems, workflows, deliverables
  • Project management – time, workloads, priorities, tasks, tracking, resourcing
  • Roles and responsibilities – communication, company resources, managing teams
  • Risk management – risk registers, budgeting, monitoring, KPIs
  • Personal skills – time management, organisation, adaptability, looking forward

Learning Points

  • Review the role of project management in the translation & localization industry
  • Identify personal & company approaches to project management vs. best practice
  • Improve awareness of the impact of project management on business goals
  • Build up the learners’ capacity to manage large and complex projects
  • Practice simple techniques to plan with strategy and purpose
  • Implement changes in how to go about project management in a sleeker, faster way

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