Selling Translations for Beginners

…in a booming industry, having people who can sell is essential in elevating your company above the competition.

Our course gives learners the insight and skills to help them sell translation & localization services with charisma, care and confidence, thrusting company sales into the clouds.
Translation Sales Training Course


The training we’ve developed will take people to new heights in terms of their understanding of how sales works in the translation & localization industry as well as what they can do to prevent opportunities from being blown off course.

Translation Sales Training Course

This unique training course has been designed and developed specifically for LSPs, translation agencies and language companies who have staff they want to upskill in terms of their ability to sell company services or solutions.

Covering everything from communication to sales cycles to customer care, the course is written with industry-specific language, using case studies and activities from the translation & localization world, providing a practical and punchy learning experience.

Course Overview

  • Who for: PMs, Admin, Sales (junior roles), Business Owners
  • Not suitable for: anyone who has experience of sales or selling translation services
  • Duration: 4-hr or 6-hr (workshop) or 2-hour (webinar)
  • Delivery: In-house Training Course or Online Webinar
  • Style: Interactive, practical learning mixed with some presentation

Course Highlights

  • Overview of how selling works – sales cycles, motivations & drivers, features vs. benefits
  • Review of sales channels and how to prospect, create leads and find new business
  • How to overcome common objections within translation & localization sales cycles
  • SWOT analysis of personal and/or team sales style or techniques
  • How to adapt your own style to successful sales, closing deals and customer retention

Learning Points

  • Learn what it takes to be good at selling
  • Evaluate the key drivers behind buyer motivations in translation & localization
  • Recognise that sales needs a holistic approach encompassing all business areas
  • Identify ways to connect with prospects and clients to maximise sales
  • Plan how to translate new insights into practical changes that will boost the bottom line

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