SEO Workshop for Translation Agencies

…learn skills & know-how to get your website crawling with traffic, stimulating sales & boosting your brand.

Our course teaches learners the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization and how to feed search engine spiders so they promote your website online.
SEO Training for Translation Websites


This fun, engaging and highly-creative workshop is designed for people working in the translation & localization industry who want to get their websites ranking high in major search engines; we teach strategies & techniques that will give your website a serious sting!


SEO Training Course

Employing a hands-on and practical approach, rooted in robust SEO-theory, our training workshop also offers unique insights into the competitive world of translation & localization keywords and the reasons why the major players in the industry rank so well.

Our expertise is in helping clients find their USP, identify gaps in the online space and build websites that can capitalize on opportunities.

Course Overview

  • Who for: Business owners, Business Dev. & Sales, Marketing, Website Developers, PMs
  • Duration: 6-hr (workshop) or 2-hour (webinar)
  • Delivery: Workshop or Webinar
  • Style: Interactive, fun & hands-on learning

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to SEO – terminology, technology, how spiders work, Google SERPs
  • SEO Strategy – goals, translation/language/localization keywords, prioritisation
  • On-site SEO – building a solid website, URLs, navigation, titles, tags, foreign languages
  • Off-site SEO – link building, Google Business, guest blogging, press releases
  • Writing for SEO – duplicate content, keyword stuffing, writing styles, translations
  • Planning for SEO – review, next steps, resourcing, competition research

Learning Points

  • Explore the massive opportunities that good SEO can offer a translation/localization website
  • Discover how to design and build a website so that it is 100% SEO-friendly
  • Evaluate your website performance and implement practical changes
  • Identify your strengths and translate these into a website strategy
  • Learn tricks, tips & techniques that take SEO-pros years to learn
  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of the way in which SEO complements your business as a whole

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