Team-Building & Bonding

…we excite, motivate, inspire & challenge teams to work out how they fit together for the greater good.

Our course develops trust and strengthens bonds in teams by engineering group recognition that we all have our parts to play in building a solid future. 

TeamBuilding Courses for the Translation Industry


The training helps teams working within the translation & localization industry define a common goal, analyse the behaviours required to construct a better team performance and agree how they want to work together as a group.

Team-Building Training Course

Our one-of-a-kind training course, designed with translation & localization clients in mind, encourages teams to deepen personal relationships, re-align expectations of one another, assess strengths and shortcomings and refresh their sense of belonging.

In short, it’s good for business.

Course Overview

  • Who for? The whole team
  • Duration: 4-hour or 6-hour
  • Delivery: Training Workshop
  • Style: Interactive, fun group-learning based around experiential activities

Course Highlights

  • Team dynamics – personalities, working styles, cultural differences, gender, roles
  • Team communication –  communication skills, problem solving, dealing with conflict
  • Team processes – strengths, weaknesses, responsibilities, best practice, resolutions
  • Team motivations – leadership, goals, direction, values, motivations, ethics, expectations

Learning Points

  • Identify what makes for a tip-top team within the translation & localization industry
  • Explore obligations of team members in realising personal and professional goals
  • Evaluate where the team can build on positives and work on reducing negatives
  • Learn how to encourage individual strengths that will complement the whole team
  • Make connections with colleagues that will open up communication and tighten trust

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