Bid & Tender Writing Skills’s a jungle out there, but if you stick your neck out there are lots of juicy opportunities through bids & tenders.

Our course teaches learners the best practices of bid and tender writing – helping them create winning tenders that are head and shoulders above the competition.

Bid & Tender Writing Course for Translation Companies


The training equips professionals working in the translation & localization industry with the skills and know-how to reach further in their ability to find, respond to and manage RFPs & ITTs that lead to big ticket contracts.

Tender & Bid Writing Training Course

This unique and original training course works within the context of the translation & localization industry, exploring how to best write and submit tenders for the private and public sectors.

It encourages learners to approach tenders with imagination as well as attention to detail, imparting them with the insight to write convincingly, creating distinction and gaining a competitive edge.

Course Overview

  • Who for? Sales, Business Development, Business Owners
  • Duration: 6-hour/4-hour (workshops) or 2-hour (webinars)
  • Delivery: In-house Training Workshop or Online Webinar
  • Style: Interactive & practical learning mixed with presentation

Course Highlights

  • Dealing with questions in a client brief, ITT or RFP properly
  • Engaging all readers of a document from senior executives to compliance teams
  • Writing winning themes and highlighting benefits that are meaningful to stakeholders
  • Using plain English and translating your company values into words on paper
  • Avoiding the wrong language and misusing ‘boilerplate’ text
  • Bringing together different viewpoints to make a bid-winning argument

Learning Points

  • Identify responsibilities within the business to support the tender process
  • Understand the importance of pre-tender exploration and relationships
  • Learn about the tender process within translation, localization & interpreting
  • Explore the difference between winning bids and those which fail to cut the mustard
  • Manage the bid process and establish timescales for bid relevant task completion
  • Develop winning themes and differentiators which distinguish you from your competitors

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