Time Management Strategies

…in this industry time management is key to reducing stress, maximising productivity & pleasing clients.

Our course helps learners develop time management skills and use time management strategies to ensure every project runs like clockwork. Time Management Course for Translation Pros


The training equips professionals within the translation & localization industry with the insights needed to plan projects perfectly from start to finish – preventing missed deadlines and unhappy clients, instead promoting productivity and a happy workplace.

Time Management Training Course

This exclusive training course teaches the necessary theoretical know-how of how good time management works alongside practical, hands-on guidance that can be applied to learners’ roles as well as translation and localization projects, processes and workflows.

Course Overview

  • Who for? Project Managers, Management, Team Leaders, Sales, Vendors
  • Duration: 6-hour or 3-hour (workshop) or 2-hour (webinar)
  • Delivery: Face-to-face workshop or Online Webinar
  • Style: Interactive learning mixed with presentation

Course Highlights

  • The time management processes and key concepts
  • Terminology in time management (lags and leads, resource levelling, milestones)
  • Time management applied to the translation & localization workflow
  • Project Planning Methodology (Critical Path Methods, Critical Chain Method, Gantt charts)
  • Tools and strategies for improving time management

Training Benefits

  • Identify the impact of time management on personal and company-wide goals
  • Explore best practice of translation companies and LSPs in time management
  • Evaluate personal skills and identify areas for improvement in terms of project planning
  • Learn how to boost productivity using simple techniques and strategies
  • Develop ideas and fresh thinking for project management procedures
  • Use time management intelligence to wow clients and beat the competition

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