The U.S. translation agency Stepes, headquartered in San Francisco, has announced the launch of a new service it hopes will add to the competitive online translation marketplace.

Rush Translation Services hopes to help global enterprises reduce time-to-market in international product development and increase global revenue growth.

How? They say by tackling the traditionally “slow speed of traditional translation services” and getting rid of  bottlenecks in translation workflows.

Time is Money!

“We are excited to introduce 30 Minute, One Hour, 24 Hour, and Live Language Services to meet our customers’ increasing demand for speed,” stated Stepes visionary Carl Yao in an official press release.

“Real time translation services are not only possible given today’s online and mobile technologies, but increasingly necessary for companies to meet modern digital economy requirements. Stepes accelerates professional translation services so our clients can beat their competitors and get ahead faster in international markets.”

Stepes claims it achieves its speed by leveraging their patented mobile translation technology that instantly notifies linguists of new translation requests and allows them translate straightaway, anywhere and anytime, using their smartphones as well as desktop computers.

The company’s system automates many of the human touch points and automatically splits large projects into smaller text units and then distributes them among its large network of professional translators based on subject matter expertise. The system uses live terminology management and real-time translation leverage to ensure linguistic consistency.

Who are Stepes?

Stepes is a US based translation services provider. According to the company they “disrupt the traditional translation process to provide fast, agile, and just-in-time translation services for the digital economy.”

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