Chinese Social App and Global LSP Combine Forces

SYSTRAN International has announced that is has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with HelloTalk, China’s leading service provider of foreign language learning and social networking services.

With more than 8 million users, HelloTalk have entered the agreement with the translation provider as a part of GCS (Global Creative Software) co-funded government project, called “Development of SaaS-based Translation Platform with integration of Neural Machine Translation and Crowdsourcing Human Translation”.

According to official sources, SYSTRAN Vice President Dongpil Kim and HelloTalk CEO Zackery Ngai (pictured above) signed the Memorandum of Understanding today with the LSP set to start providing translation services that will allow the Chinese language learning app to expand its client base, improve its Users’ Experience and more importantly develop NMT in key languages.

SYSTRAN hopes to improve the app’s conversation translation engines with corpus from HelloTalk’s millions of users.  These in turn will help the language learning process for users and allow for multilingual conversations between users.

High on the to-do-list for SYSTRAN is to develop high quality Korean Pure Neural™ Machine Translation  based on the high demand of Korean users.

SYSTRAN will also provide technical support on developments for real time translation, OCR, and grammar correction for three language pairs: Chinese -> Korean, Korean -> Chinese and Chinese -> English.

This is an important collaboration for us and we are very glad to start an innovative language social network with HelloTalk. Now, it is possible to develop more sophisticated neural machine translation with the vast amount of high quality corpus. We will put a lot of effort to continuously provide high quality translation service to global customers including HelloTalk users.

Lucas Ji, Chairman of SYSTRAN.

Who are SYSTRAN?

SYSTRAN was originally founded by Dr. Peter Toma in 1968 and is now one of the oldest machine translation companies in the world, providing the technology for Yahoo! Babel Fish among others. It was used by Google’s language tools until 2007.

With its origin in the Georgetown machine translation effort, SYSTRAN was one of the few machine translation systems to survive the major decrease of funding after the ALPAC Report of 1966.

The LSP was established in La Jolla, California (USA) due to its work on translation of Russian to English texts for the United States Air Force during the Cold War.

The company was sold in 1986 to the Gachot family, based in Paris, and is now traded publicly on the French stock exchange.

During the dot-com boom, the international language industry started a new era, and SYSTRAN entered into agreements with a number of translation integrators, the most successful of these being WorldLingo.

In 2014, the company was acquired by CSLi (Korea).

Contact Person: Gibeom Kim
Cell number: +82 10 2805 5663

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