Which translation company finished 2017 at the top of Google?

In our second Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) report for the search term ‘translation services’ we already see some changes since November in terms of the top 20 rankings – illustrating the sometimes very hit and miss nature of search engine results…if you’re not constantly on top of your website.

But first – did you know that the volume and interest in searches using the term ‘translation services’ has pretty much halved since 2004?

Look at the graph below from Google Trends.

Google Trends Graph for Search on 'Translation Services'

In 2004, people were using the keywords ‘translation services’ a lot more than they do now.

Do you know why? Think about it.

Well, just one reason could be that buyers have matured in terms of what they now search for online when it comes to language, translation, localization, etc. services.

Alternative Translation Search Terms

So rather than once upon a time just thinking ‘translation services’ when they needed something, the buyers are now more interested in finding ‘certified translators’ or ‘medical translations’.

On the right you can see examples Google Trends itself says are popular in its search engine.

There will of course be more reasons for the drop in searches using ‘translation services’ over time…but we can’t teach you everything!

Anyway back to the top translation websites online.

Top 5 Websites Ranking for ‘Translation Services’ on Google.com (Dec. 2017)


Morningside and Gengo break into the top 5! Congratulations to both companies!

Last month’s #5,  www.translationservices24.com, have dropped to 6th and last month’s #4, www.freetranslation.com, have dramatically crashed out out of the top 20! 

Morningside Translations



#5: www.morningtrans.com/services/translations



Gengo Translation


#4: www.gengo.com




#2 Translation Services Nov 2017



#3: www.onehourtranslation.com



#2 Translation Services 2017



#2: www.gts-translation.com



#1 Translation Services Dec 2017



#1: www.translation-services-usa.com



..and how about over in the UK?

Top 5 Websites Ranking for ‘Translation Services’ on Google.co.uk (Dec. 2017)


Global Voices jump up to #4 from their previous position of 7th. London Translations slip down to 6th.

#5 Translation Services UK Nov 2017


#5: www.wolfestone.co.uk




#4 Global Voices Translation Services



#4: www.globalvoices.co.uk



#3 Translation Services UK Dec 2017



#3: www.languageconnect.net



#2 Capita Translation Services Dec '17


#2: www.capitatranslationinterpreting.com/translation-services



#1 Translation Services Dec 2017



#1: www.translationservices24.com/



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