Which translation services provider is the king of Google?

Welcome to our fourth SERPs report on the search term ‘translation services’.

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The Online Translation Competition Just Diversified!

Every month we try to teach a little about SEO – this month, it’s a little bit different as we want to point to something we predicted a few months back.

6. In SEO, agencies and LSPs will start to compete with government websites, ‘translation service’ pages on the likes of Fiverr, People per Hour, etc. and other non-industry players.

In our 2018 translation industry predictions we said we believed LSPs and translation agencies would soon be competing against non-LSPs for search terms like ‘translation services’. This could include government pages, charities, colleges and the likes of Fiverr, etc. as per the original quote.

Well, just have a look at this month’s top 20 report for Google.com!

We can’t believe it’s happening already….

Ranking now at no# 20 we now have the University of Nevada who are offering professional translation services and interpreting.

At no#19 we now have Albuquerque Public Schools offering translations and then at no#17 we have a page from the University of Michigan sign-posting users to LSPs. {If you know anything about link building you will thank us for that last piece of information.}

This is seriously big news SEO-wise with huge implications for the traditional translation industry.

LSPs are no longer just competing among themselves for the traffic and positions around commercialized translation keywords – they are now competing with anyone who wants to target the words and this is where universities and educational websites get an advantage.

Google has long trusted such sites and traditionally boosted their pages in search results. If they are now doing this for such keywords, it makes them EVEN MORE competitive than they already are.

Something to think about.

Now back to business…who is king?

Top 5 Websites Ranking for ‘Translation Services’ on Google.com (Feb. 2018)


  • Welcome back SDL! What was that about? They are back from SEO-oblivion in at no#4 now causing all sorts of havoc in the top 10!
  • SDL’s return knocks Day Translations down from no#4 to both nos#7 and #8.
  • JR Language and Capita now drop out of the top 10.

Gengo Translation


#5: https://gengo.com/




#4 Translation Services
#4: https://www.freetranslation.com/





#3: https://www.gts-translation.com/





#2: https://www.onehourtranslation.com/




#1 Translation Services


#1: https://www.translation-services-usa.com/




….and over in the UK?

Top 5 Websites Ranking for ‘Translation Services’ on Google.co.uk (Feb. 2018)


  • Capita go into first place now taking no#1 spot!…and no#3 too!
  • Wolfestone have dropped from the top 20.
  • Google Translate (as if they need the traffic?) now occupy no#8.
  • Following on from our prediction at the start of the blog, the Greater Birmingham Business Chambers’ translation service jumped from no#18 to no#9.
  • Welcome to Accent Multilingual who join the top 20 in at no#20 and also a well done to Surrey Translation Bureau for their new ranking at no#16!

#3 Translation Services UK


#5: www.languageconnect.net




#4 Global Voices Translation Services



#4: www.globalvoices.co.uk



#2 Capita Translation Services Dec '17


#3: www.capitatranslationinterpreting.com/translation-service



#1 Translation Services



#2: www.translationservices24.com/




#2 Capita Translation Services Dec '17


#1: www.capitatranslationinterpreting.com/translation-service



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